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  1. Power Online - Request for Quote - https://secure.vertical.net/RFQ/rfq_start.asp?SITE=poweronline
    Service allows registered users to create, manage and track RFQs and responses.
  2. Power Online - Books, Software, Videos and Research - http://r.lksm.com/go/t=11:0|60556362;g=z///www.poweronline.com/store/dir.asp
    Shop for power industry professionals sells merchandise such as books, periodicals, research reports and multimedia products.
  3. Public Works.com - Used Equipment - http://r.lksm.com/go/t=11:0|60554153;g=z///www.publicworks.com/usedequipment/newdefault.asp
    Those interested in possible saving money can look here for products.
  4. McDermott International - Company Homepage - http://www.mcdermott.com/
    Energy services company portrays its industrial operations, investor relations and career opportunities. Gives each subsidiary a section.
  5. Exergia - ERI Software - http://www.erisoftware.net/
    Company highlights its software tools designed for the energy conservation industry. Review a product outline, and check out a demonstration.
  6. Dataremote - http://www.dataremote.com/
    Manufactures solar and AC-powered stand-alone CDMA cellular modems for industrial applications, including oil, gas, electric and water metering.
  7. PRI Advanced Fuel Treatments - http://www.priproducts.com/
    Manufactures performance-enhancing additives for gasoline, diesel and bunker fuel used by merchant ships and power generators.
  8. Pacific Lithium Ltd - http://www.pacificlithium.com/
    Learn about the technologies being developed by this company specializing in lithium ion battery components.
  9. Metaserver - http://www.metaserver.com/
    Provides software and technology designed to integrate and streamline processes for service-based businesses, such as retail and utilities.
  10. Power Monitoring Systems - Reliable Power Meters - http://www.reliablemeters.com/html/power_monitoring_index.html
    Provides hardware and software for monitoring and analyzing power flow and quality. Find power recorders and report-writing systems.