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  1. Pollution Online - News and Analysis - http://r.lksm.com/go/t=11:0|60296482;g=z///www.pollutiononline.com/content/hubs/dir.asp?hub=news
    Marketplace for the pollution prevention industry features news, recent environmental legislation and regulation, and company developments.
  2. ElectricNet - Month in Review - http://r.lksm.com/go/t=11:0|60556325;g=z///www.electricnet.com/Content/News/MonthInReview.asp
    Industry professionals can read recent news and feature articles or search the archives to find past news articles.
  3. Electric Light and Power Magazine - http://www.elp.com/
    Explores resources for the power generation and delivery industries. Offers articles about technology, finance and utility management.
  4. Energy User News - http://www.energyusernews.com/
    Offers news updates, feature articles and data on industry statistics and trends. Search the archives or subscribe electronically.
  5. DeregulationInc - http://www.deregulationinc.com/
    Read articles on topics of concern to the energy industry, such as deregulation, fuel cells, investing and online billing.
  6. Alexander Publications - http://www.alexanderpublications.com/
    Find books, manuals and software specifically geared for electric utilities. Offers construction drawings approved by Rural Utilities Service.
  7. pennNET - Power Engineering Magazine - http://pe.pennnet.com/
    Publication for the power industry supplies business news, a product guide and a research center. Sign up for the Power-Gen Conference.
  8. SectorUpdates.com - http://www.sectorupdates.com/
    Provides sector-based investment news and commentary and covers sectors such as biotech and pharmaceuticals, energy and technology.
  9. Utility Automation - http://www.utility-automation.com/
    Magazine covers automation technologies for electric, gas, and water utilities and energy providers. Browse for new products and classified ads.
  10. World Oil Magazine - http://www.worldoil.com/magazine/magazine_contents.asp
    Peruse news reports, columns and feature articles about the oil industry, and order a subscription.
  11. Electricity Journal - http://www.electricity-online.com/
    Industry news and policy analysis for subscribers. With free access to a request-for-proposals database.
  12. Aral Energy News - http://www.aral.com/
    Daily energy news and key prices, plus over 1,000 links on oil, gas, electric, renewable and nuclear energy.
  13. PennWell Publishing Company - http://www.pennwell.com/
    Publishes journals, including Oil and Gas Journal, Offshore, and Oil, Gas and Petrochem Equipment. Tables of contents online.
  14. pennNET - Water World - http://ww.pennnet.com/
    News resource for the municipal water and wastewater industry covers treatment technology and regulations and stormwater management.
  15. Energy-Wise News - http://www.energywise.co.nz/
    Dedicated to environmentally-safe methods of producing energy. Includes articles, back issues and information on the publisher.
  16. FT Energy Publishing - http://www.ftenergy.com/
    Covers news, analysis and comment for the international energy industry. Includes a summary of the top stories, daily news and publications.
  17. Energy and Business Newsletters - http://www.mhenergy.com/
    Subscription-based service providing news from the electric, nuclear, natural gas, and coal sectors, plus federal technology and energy policy.
  18. Electric Power - http://www.newspage.com/browse/46600/46604/
    NewsPage service offering the latest news in the energy industry worldwide. Read summaries for free or pay for full-text articles.
  19. Clean Power Journal - http://www.cleanpower.org/cpjournal/index.html
    Newsletter of the Center for Energy Efficiency andRenewable Technologies, offering full-text articles from the current issue and archives.
  20. Metering International - http://www.metering.com/
    With selected articles, news, and features from the current print edition, plus subscription info, discussion forum, and industry links.
  21. Power Magazine - http://www.platts.com/engineering/index.shtml
    Offers power industry news, profiles of companies and products serving the industry, an online buyer's guide, and archive of past editions.
  22. Engineering - Power Magazine, Electrical World - http://www.platts.com/engineering/
    Subscribe to Power Magazine of Electrical World or check out each magazine's article archive. Find company profiles and details on industry jobs.
  23. SunWorld - http://www.demon.co.uk/tfc/sunworld.html
    International Solar Energy Society magazine. Find summaries of features in the latest issue and browse the archive of past issues.
  24. PMA Online Magazine - http://www.retailenergy.com/
    Electric power industry journal published by the Power Marketing Association. Offers full-text articles, columns, and archives.
  25. Wind Energy Weekly - http://www.econet.org/awea/aweawew.html
    American Wind Energy Association newsletter available by subscription. Access the archives or receive a free educational electronic edition.
  26. EEnergy Informer Home Page - http://members.aol.com/eeinformer/
    Monthly newsletter focusing on the North American electric power industry. View contents of the current issue and find subscription information.
  27. Electricity Today - http://www.electricityforum.com/etmag.html
    Publication's focus is on the medium and high-voltage electrical industry. Offers selected articles from current and past print editions.
  28. CryoGas International - http://www.cryogas.com/
    Reports on tech advances, market developments, and new products for specialty gases and cryogenic equipment. See articles and industry links.
  29. Office.com - Utilities Events - http://www.seminarinformation.com/wconnect/wc.dll?sis~office1~UTL
    Find a list of utilities seminars during the next two months. Offers online registration.