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  1. Office.com - Nuclear - http://r.lksm.com/go/t=11:0|60151471;g=z///www.office.com/utilnuclear/
    Extract news info and company profiles supplied by this info clearinghouse, and explore its links to shopping and orgs. Has interactive features.
  2. American Nuclear Society - http://www.ans.org/
    Learn about upcoming meetings, browse publications including "Nuclear News" and "Fusion Technology," and find out how to join the Society.
  3. N-Base Nuclear Information Service - http://www.n-base.org.uk/
    Searchable database of articles and briefings on nuclear processing, waste, pollution and related environment and health issues in the UK.
  4. History of Nuclear Power Plant Safety - http://users.owt.com/smsrpm/nksafe/
    Presents a detailed chronology of nuclear safety research and development in the 20th Century. Affiliated with the American Nuclear Society.
  5. Europe Energy - Nuclear Power, Safety Questioned - http://www.findarticles.com/m0WXE/1998_June_5/50059405/p1/article.jhtml
    Pore over this June 1998 article regarding the safety of nuclear power practices in Europe and related, ensuing developments.
  6. Useful Radiation Safety References and Web Sites - http://www.radiation.org.uk/
    Provides links to radiation and nuclear safety references and organizations in the United Kingdom and the United States.
  7. NuclearMarket.com - http://www.nuclearmarket.com/
    Professionals in the nuclear industry can browse news, a buyer's guide, job opportunities, and event info relating to the trade.
  8. Depleted Uranium Hexafluoride PEIS - http://web.ead.anl.gov/uranium/finalpeis.cfm
    Learn about the US government's programs for the management of this hazardous nuclear byproduct. Includes PDF documents.
  9. Nuclear Power Plant Demonstration - http://www.ida.liu.se/~her/npp/demo.html
    Learn how a nuclear power plant operates by experimenting with this interactive animation.
  10. Questions and Answers about Nuclear Energy - http://nova.nuc.umr.edu/~ans/QA.html
    Created by the American Nuclear Society, this guide features info on nuclear energy. Find data on the effects of radiation.
  11. Canadian Nuclear Society - http://www.cns-snc.ca/
    Group interested in information exchange on nuclear science and technology, and discussion on all aspects of nuclear energy.
  12. NIRS - http://www.nirs.org/
    Nuclear Information and Resource Service which provides information on radioactive and nuclear issues for concerned citizens and organizations.
  13. Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - http://www.bullatomsci.org/index.html
    Online site for this bulletin whose discussion topics include national and int'l security, with a focus on nuclear issues. Plus news and links.
  14. International Nuclear Information System - http://www.iaea.org/programmes/inis/inis.htm
    Operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Austria, INIS provides data on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
  15. Int'l Atomic Energy Agency - http://www.iaea.or.at/
    Includes a profile of the IAEA and its activities, a list of member states, IAEA meetings, news, publications, job, and nuclear energy resources.
  16. Quick Virtual Nuclear Power Plant Tour - http://www.cannon.net/~gonyeau/nuclear/tour-a.htm
    Find out about nuclear power plants. Includes photos, and details about meltdowns and radiation safety.
  17. Nuclear and Uranium - Energy Information Administration - http://www.eia.doe.gov/fuelnuclear.html
    Investigate US nuclear reactors. Presents publications, an overview and a glossary.
  18. Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Factsheet - FEMA - http://www.fema.gov/home/fema/radiolo.htm
    Find out what to do if there is an emergency at a local nuclear power plant. Includes facts, definitions, and procedures.
  19. MSN Encarta - International Atomic Energy Agency - http://encarta.msn.com/find/Concise.asp?ti=05E9A000
    Organization founded in 1957 devotes its resources to developing nuclear agency and technology throughout the world. Supplies links.
  20. Atomic Energy Insights - http://ans.neep.wisc.edu/~ans/point_source/AEI/AEI_home.html
    Monthly newsletter published by monthly Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. Search an index by topic, date, or article title.
  21. Nuclear Power Companies - Live! - http://looksmart.com/cgi-bin/go/adname=searchans:biz;adfield=lslive;ref=1//live.looksmart.com/cgi-bin/view_a_question.cgi?qptr=qa_2000-04-20.dat:000660929
    Follow these steps from a LookSmart editor to search for the addresses, phone numbers and email details for US nuclear power plants.